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BeniComp® Advantage is a supplemental group medical insurance policy that works in conjunction with a high deductible health plan.

We have married the best of consumer-driven health plan initiatives with wellness and disease management initiatives by giving employees the ability to earn their way to a lower “net” deductible as they lower their personal health risks.

All employees who participate in the employer sponsored health plan, administered by the carrier or TPA of your choice, will be invited to voluntarily participate in a wellness screening. The results of the screening are used to determine a dollar amount of insurance available to each employee for “deductible reimbursement”. Every employee will receive a certificate of coverage from Assurity Life Insurance Company or Pan American Life Insurance Company. Employees who take personal responsibility for their health risks by not smoking, controlling weight, controlling cholesterol and controlling blood pressure can earn their way to a lower “net” deductible.

For those employees who choose not to modify their lifestyle, they do not receive these rewards and will incur higher out of pocket cost. Costs are allocated more fairly between employees with high and low utilization patterns, a much better way to share healthcare costs.

Most employers will save 12-20% of their current health plan expense. Part of this savings is often used to invest into employee benefits such as weight management, smoking cessation and disease management programs.

For more information see our Detailed Overview and FAQ documents.


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Toll free: 800-837-7400

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